Ace Towing & Recovery

The Very Best Towing Services
in Blythe, CA

Car issues can happen at any moment! Luckily, our towing services are available to you both day and night; whenever you need relief. From motorcycles to boats, our team can handle a large variety of vehicle classes, which make us the people to call when you start to stall. Contact us today to get going!

The Dependable Off-Road
Recovery & Extraction Team

No matter where life takes you, we will have your back! Rely on Ace Towing and Recovery to  provide you with off-road winching, extraction, and towing services whenever and wherever  you need them most. We have the equipment and personnel and know the area. Just give us a ring and we will be there in a snap!

A Reliable, Day-and-Night
Tow Company

Vehicle issues can happen at any moment! Our qualified team is available to you both day  and night; 24/7 - 365 Days a year. Whether it be your motorcycle, boat, trailer, truck, ATV,  or car; our team can handle a large variety of vehicle issues. We know the area, the repair shops, tire shops, dirt roads, hotels, gas stations, and focus on quality results for the  customer. Contact us today to get going!

Towing Services and Roadside Assistance

From medium-duty towing to fuel deliveries, we have all the means to give you a boost! Discover all of our services below:

Over 20 Years of Towing and Roadside Relief

At Ace Towing & Recovery, we are the professionals of our field! In business since 2000, we have been servicing locals and visitors alike with towing and roadside assistance in Blythe, California, and beyond! From tire changes to trailer hauling, depend on us to provide quality service that is fast, efficient, and friendly. And damage-free recovery during your day-to-day with fast and friendly service.

If you need help during your off-road adventures, let us lend you a hand! We are experts of off-road towing and relief (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). No matter the issue, if you are stuck and need a lift, we will come to your rescue!

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